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Phase 3 Group Show


Showcasing the work of Christophe Dillinger, Aylwin Greenwood-Lambert, Joanne Hummel-Newell, The Jackson Twins, David Cheeseman, Mel Brimfield, Martin Bardell and Matt Smith

photography: top Mona Casey, bottom Charlie Levine


Hide and Seek

Found fabric, silk, 2011

History is not democratic. Some are remembered and others are forgotten. Overarching “truths” stand in for the complexity of real lives, erasing out many people’s memories and histories.

I am interested in the people in history’s margins. The…


The Cubicle, 2009 c-print on aluminium

The relationship between the self and society forms my general area of interest and I am particularly keen to explore both evolving and declining aspects of social interaction. I am interested in pinpointing changes in our everyday social rituals as…


Whole Lotta Lead’, 2011
gouache on mountboard

The brute machismo evidenced by Richard Serra¹s early sculptural practice is typical of the period. Promotional materials and media reports emphasized the muscularity and epic scale of his work, and typically featured photographs of…


Best in Show

found object and ephemera, 2012

Embalmed in what was once readily to hand, these elevated figurines are shrines to societies short-lived fancies and disposable items.

Collecting discarded objects and ephemera is an important part of my creative process. Touched by…


Genuine Artefacts, 2012

The 2 parts forming the display presented on the shelf to the left / right are, in terms of their existence as whole things, new. However the component objects from which they are assembled – postcards, frames, cigarette cards - were all produced in the early…


‘The changing room’

‘As if by magic the shopkeeper appeared’ is a familiar phrase to those of us that grew up watching T.V in the 1970’s. Mr. Benn has now left the building and all that remains is his crisp black bowler and shiny bright shoes, the discarded attire of an ordinary businessman…


‘He had recognised how well the gentility had obscured the delirium (self portrait. 55)’

Our work pays particular focus to ‘The Twin’, what it is to be an identical being - to in essence, share an identity with you re double. We explore the worldwide fascination with twins: in terms of…


Children must be supervised at all times

This sound installation is a reflection on information and the way it is distributed and consumed. The 10 minute soundtrack is a constant flow of commands, warnings and statements that one is confronted to every day. These phrases are sclerosed:…